How the Jaws of Power Corrupt

Many Americans simply do not understand why their fellow citizens are so angry. If we look at some recent history and then look at history from 40 years ago, we can begin to understand why Americans feel angry over what this government has done to them. Let’s look at our economy. The month of May 2016 created 38,000 jobs!  The job growth in our country is so abysmal.1 At that rate it can’t even maintain Social Security. Our numbers have NEVER been this bad in comparison to the general population of the country. Even if you believe in a “weak” job creation of two percent, based on an even weaker work force of 100 million, we should create over 2 million jobs a year— WEAKLY! 


Since 2009 we have not been so blessed. Rough estimates have 360 billion dollars in American technology stolen by China last year.
The only real job the Federal government has is to protect its citizens and states in a non-sectarian manner. Most folks have a very limited memory concerning the fact that Democrats in this country formerly were conservative in monetary spending, believed in limited government, were strong in their support and belief in our military and were either Christian or Jewish in their religion. They were classic, old school liberals. As a result, there was a harmony seen in our statesmen, even if their personal lives did not always reflect that. While Democrats and Republicans had different beliefs in how limited government and conservative monetary policy could be achieved, there was a harmony and a desire to work toward common national goals.

Many Democrats who have this memory are very angry concerning the takeover of their party by progressive socialism (which is closely linked to communism in its effect on a government over time). People do not understand that this foreign ideology needs protestation, combative fights among citizens, heavy government debt and the need to control their citizens’ rights, both religious and civil rights. Even if progressives and socialists put forward sweet, old grandpas, celebrities and minority groups or women as their candidates, they don’t do so because they can help people. They do so because these groups will help a government control people. Many Americans who are not Democrats are angry over the same fact. Even Independents and Republicans are horrified and angry over the change. Socialists (progressives) need divisive issues to complete the takeover of America’s people. Divisive issues help to keep all Americans blind to the fact that a foreign entity has taken over our religious rights, civil rights, our laws, economy and government. This takeover has decimated our Bill of Rights.

Unfortunately, progressives (socialists) began this takeover a long time ago. This has been going on for over 100 years. What we need is a real understanding of the founding fathers of America. Christians, Jews and all freedom loving people alike, regardless of their religious beliefs, need to read what that generation said and why they said it. When we do, we might understand not only how to cherish and maintain our founding documents; but we might all understand how to ignore the surface fights progressive/socialists need to keep us fighting. We might recognize when a real serpent-like ideology is trying to steal and decimate the purity of those documents and the way of life 240 years of soldiers gave their lives for.

When we follow the rule of law we follow stability in a society. We are not seeing peace in our society now. That is because we have left the rule of law. When the top cop (the Attorney General) refuses to enforce the law and presidents feel they can, with a wave of the pen “make” law, this creates an environment of instability. In a nation that believes in peace, we must keep the law. We must understand when it is time to enforce it among our leaders and when acts of treason must be exposed for what they are: Attempts to implement foreign law. We must also reach out to those in mercy that simply do not understand the dangers of foreign law. Lastly, we have to understand when it is time to sow seeds of peace, and when ideologies are so corrupt that peace will not take place until the rule of American law is re-enforced. This is the embodiment of righteousness.

Is it too late for America to turn back to the rule of law? I don’t believe so. If our founders, soldiers and later presidents felt that way, they wouldn’t have fought, bled and died to maintain the American law our Declaration of Independence, originally written Constitution and Bill of Rights embody. Many of them trusted God to bring the nation back from the brink. They did more than just trust in God. They moved in action as well. This is where all Americans, regardless of religion, can make a difference. We have to understand our original documents and the reason why they are special, making America special as well. I leave you this month with a few quotes from founders as well as presidents who understood these principles.

“But being ruined by taxes is not the worst you have to fear. What security would you have for your lives? How can any of you be sure you would have the free enjoyment of your religion long? Would you put your religion in the power of any set of men living? Remember civil and religious liberty always go together: if the foundation of the one be sapped, the other will fail of course.” Alexander Hamilton (excerpt)3 

“. . . For the jaws of power are always opened to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of speaking, thinking and writing.” John Adams, Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law

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