Communism/Progressive-Socialism vs. Classic American Governmental Doctrine

This topic requires far more depth than a blog can delve into. So I have excerpted portions from my new book (see the first footnote). In order to understand the joy of what had formerly been a limited Federal government, one must understand the compulsory and difficult mandates which governments from around the globe place upon their people. Almost all countries function in some form of socialism (progressivism, communism, fascism, Sharia Law and others). Formerly the only exception was the United States. That is no longer the case. Socialism was originally developed by Karl Marx. Socialism or progressivism as it is now called places extreme limits on people. It usually starts out harmless enough by trying to lift the common man out of his doldrums. It takes some time, but eventually the rules and regulations placed upon people become a burden and noose as more and more rules are added. These regulations are usually hidden in the details so that people are not aware why their phone bills, light bills, new cars and trucks—even their groceries—are so much more expensive than they were the year before. Each year more regulations are added, thereby increasing the cost of goods. These increases are seldom because the goods cost more; they are because another regulation, added by some unknown bureaucrat holed up in some cubicle somewhere thought it made sense in an effort to exact a control on some ethereal wrong or right.

Many have misconceptions concerning socialism and our traditional— or as originally written— compacting governing documents. Those would be the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights (first ten amendments). The first lie is that they can co-exist. They cannot. The second lie told by socialists is that you get free stuff. Another lie is that somehow it is more humane, kind and generous to give people “who need it” free stuff. In other words, socialism is more equal or it is about equality. Let’s debunk the second fantasy: Nothing is free. Think of a country as a plot of land in which the folks living on it make stuff. They make stuff either from the land or from what their minds can make as they bring goods and services into and out of the land. This the people do either as trade in kind or purchases made to accomplish their enterprises to sell outside their land, as well as to those inside their land. The people own these enterprises as well as the land sitting on them. Remember that the state is an artificial entity created by man. People don’t “own” the state. It is a separate entity.

The following is excerpted from the book 70 Years of American Captivity: The Polity of God, The Birth of a Nation and The Betrayal of Government.1

Contrary to popular myth, socialism/progressivism does not extend economic freedom to all, just to a select few. Socialism, by definition is the philosophical, social and economic system whereby society, its money, ventures of enterprise and industry— its people and even their religion— is owned and controlled by the state government rather than by individual people or companies or religious institutions. Socialism places a special emphasis on the nationalization of monopolized branches of industry and trade. Socialism advocates state ownership of corporations in which the ownership function has passed from stockholders to managerial personnel. Smaller and less vital enterprises and institutions can be left under private ownership, thereby allowing private ownership of smaller corporations, though they are heavily regulated. The socialistic doctrine demands state ownership and control of the fundamental means of production and distribution of wealth. That is to be achieved by reconstructing the existing capitalist or other political system of a country through democratic and parliamentary means. It advocates nationalization of natural resources, basic industries, banking and credit facilities and public utilities, along with the education systems in a country. Those educational systems must now teach the nationalistic mantra of the socialists’ religion or ideologies. That is because socialism (progressivism) is also an ideology with religious-like beliefs. This is why progressive-socialism swallows up any political/economic freedom which pre-existed in a country before socialism was enacted. This is why our traditional government and the freedoms it espoused are disappearing very quickly.

Since it was proven long ago socialism is quite unscientific and cannot produce a healthy economy, Marx set out to “conquer” the science by, among other things, attempting to prove logic was unable to be applied universally to all mankind for all time. That the “thought” needed to disprove socialism was applied by a class of thinkers who basically can’t be trusted because of their class interests. According to Marx, this is because you are from a class which won’t accept what you cannot see in socialism, or whatever brand of “correct” thinking the progressives or social engineering class want YOU, the common worker, to think. Next— and this one is priceless— the discussion over whether to be socialist or not to be socialist— the need for socialization of production and the desire not to socialize production— is unnecessary because all history will bring all societies to socialized production because it is the necessary end of all societies! Finally, socialists are basically not to engage anyone in talking about what a socialistic state will or will not look like— because their faith says it is inevitable— that any discussion along those lines will open them up to logical thinking and that would be to renounce socialism!2

Many believe that socialism promotes ownership in common. In other words, we all own what the state owns, making us equal. That is a total lie. Only the state owns in socialism (progressivism). The people own nothing. I know there are those in the presidency and those running for president who are trying to tout their brand of socialism (progressivism) is softer and not Marxist or the Leninist brand of socialism. I’m old enough to remember the lie used to be, “Oh, we’re not communists, we’re socialists and that is totally different.” Let me ask you, does it matter whether they get your property, money, land or rights at the point of a gun or at the point of a regulation or “law”? Socialism came first from the ideas of both Marx and Engel, and then through Lenin communism was birthed. This makes socialism communism’s Mama. Trust me when I tell you the apple does not fall far from that tree. Both Marx and Lenin saw what became communism as the final road of socialism. Once it became obvious shouting “revolution” and “Change” were nothing more than “Give Us Your Money, Wealth, Land and Rights So WE can distribute them MORE Equitably”— and that the distribution process will always be broken, distributing common poverty— large people groups moved away from socialism. When that happened socialists realized they needed to distance themselves from communism, even decrying it as something totally different from socialism. So they came up with a different form of socialism that they called progressivism. This just slows the process, thereby slowing the final outcome of communism. Otherwise it is the same because all roads lead straight to more and more regulations and controls. These eventually become so restrictive to freedom of religion, freedom of speech and economic freedom.

I was talking to one of my relatives recently, a young man in his late twenties. He made the comment that in his short life things had changed so badly, so quickly, and he wasn’t quite sure why. He said he never remembered a time where you couldn’t say exactly as you believed and why his own church and pastor were denied certain inalienable rights. I told him that was because we never had a president who made his desires for communism to be implemented quickly. That it was within the last seven years that the trap which was laid 100 years ago of progressive-socialism was sprung so that communistic policies could now be enacted. That if the next president came from the same party, those policies would close the noose even further.3 Recently a reporter made a comment concerning why they didn’t ask the democratic candidate questions, while the republican candidate has been eviscerated in the press. The response let’s us know how close we are to a state-run media. Reporters are claiming they would be fired. Another reporter has gone on YouTube to let folks know that his article concerning the progressive candidate’s health has been deleted from the Internet. Recently a famous TV doctor’s show was cancelled after talking about this candidate’s health.4 For the full history of what’s going on in America and how we got in this mess, click on the Amazon link to the book “70 Years of American Captivity: The Polity of God, The Birth of a Nation and The Betrayal of Government” (the full book).

1. Meier, Christine, 70 Years of American Captivity: The Polity of God, The Birth of a Nation and the Betrayal of Government. 2016. Canada: Tellwell 

2. Ludwig Von Mises, “Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis,” translated by J. Kahane, foreword by F.A. Hayek; (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1981) March 13, 2016 see 8. Von Mises does not actually say what I have written. He more accurately translates Marx’s thinking better than I could. I view what I have written as a pretty good interpretation of Marx’s ideas after viewing several different aspects of them from many sources.

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