Our subject this month may not be something you feel is relevant for our nation since we have no history of a monarchy. Unfortunately, corruption pollutes the minds of many in government.1 That’s something we all know quite well in our day and age. Our founders made every attempt to avoid the corruption that a … [Read more…]

A Nation In Agreement

One stark difference between our nation now and what we saw a mere 60 years ago is how we treated and acted toward one another. Going all the way back to the Revolutionary War days, we viewed one another as brothers and sisters. Of course, you always had the miscreants and hoodlums who refused such … [Read more…]

Which Came First: The Chicken or The Egg?

Hello again, from the great State of Florida! Periodically, I get the chance to answer some religious questions from folks who enjoy reading and studying. Recently, I listened to someone who asked a question which made me realize the necessity to write on this topic. No, I’m not talking about chickens and eggs; although, the … [Read more…]

Happy 240th Birthday, America

Happy 240th, America. It can be difficult to help US citizens of today realize why they have inalienable rights. Socialists would have you believe they are “universal” rights. But that kind of thinking is corrupt. Everyone has a universal right— and any judge, government, politician and tyrant can decide whether and under what conditions you … [Read more…]

How the Jaws of Power Corrupt

Many Americans simply do not understand why their fellow citizens are so angry. If we look at some recent history and then look at history from 40 years ago, we can begin to understand why Americans feel angry over what this government has done to them. Let’s look at our economy. The month of May … [Read more…]